How Hosting an Event Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Posted by Michelle Silberman on

Events are a great way to make connections and build relationships with employees and clients. Organizing an event is a smart idea for any business, but hosting an event that serves Chōcamo Cookie Cups can help your business reach new heights.

Making Connections

A fun event + smart people + Cookie Cups  =  keys to success! We think DJ Khaled (social media king of motivational speeches) would agree that networking is the perfect way to make connections and build relationships with like-minded business professionals.

Hosting a networking event tells people that you take your business seriously, which can lead to new opportunities. Provide some Cookie Cups along with some fun fillers, like Baileys or espresso, at your next networking event and your guests are sure to have a great time!


Of course, planning an event for your business requires getting the word out so that people will show up. Take advantage of this opportunity by promoting your event while also showcasing your business. This can be done through Instagram posts, tweets, or fliers! Your business will benefit from the recognition it will receive through the constant event promotions.

Opportunity to Sell

At every event hosted, you will be presented with the opportunity to sell your product or services. Cookie Cups shouldn’t be the only things you are providing to your guests! Allow the event to be enjoyable, but also make the attendees aware of why they are there. If you’re selling whiskey, coffee, or ice cream, they would go perfectly with any Cookie Cup!

Feeling the Love

A great way to show your appreciation to customers and clients is by hosting an event just for them! Showing them they are appreciated will increase chances of clients remaining loyal customers and help your business thrive. Customers and clients will continue their business with you when you make it known how grateful you are for their patronage. Add some Cookie Cups to the equation and they’ll be thanking you right back!

If you’re looking to hold an event for your business soon and are interested in pampering your guest with Chōcamo Cookie Cups, check out our wholesale ordering options!