3 Ways to Serve Snackadabra Cookie Cups

Posted by Michelle Silberman on

Snackadabra Cookie Cups are the perfect dessert for any event. Create a buzz at your client’s next event or party with a variety of ways to display Cookie Cup options to the guests!

DIY Station

Variety and options are what many guests enjoy when it comes time for them to indulge their sweet tooth. Create a DIY station with a variety of Cookie Cup flavors and add-ins such as milk, coffee, ice cream, or a smooth liqueur. Guests will love mixing and matching flavors of their choosing!

Passed Dessert

While party guests are mixing and mingling, add a touch of class by offering ChōcAmo Cookie Cups passed by experienced waitstaff. This allows your guests to feel special and experience this delightful treat while being able to continue their conversations with other guests.

Tiered Display

A classic way to present guests with Snackadabra Cookie Cups is on a tiered display stand. This will add height and dimension to any dessert table and allows you to tie in the theme of the event with the display!

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By: Amira Mahmoud