Carb cutter, but there's always room for dessert!

Posted by Michelle Silberman on

Day By Day - Katie Mines & Michelle Silberman

When spaghetti is calling your name, the carb free answer to your craving is zucchini pasta!

Grab that vegetable julienne tool and go to town! Zucchini is marvelously nutritious so help yourself to a hefty plateful!

Next, brown your chopped sage and 4 shredded garlic cloves in a wok with coconut oil. After the garlic begins to crisp, add zucchini to the mix and salt to your liking. Then grate fresh lemon for the perfect zesty touch!

Chop peppers - your choice of color! Place them on a sizzling skillet with coconut oil, a dash of soy sauce and some garlic powder.

Swirl zucchini pasta into a bowl and top with peppers. Since, you saved on carbs for dinner, make sure to indulge with one of our delicious mini Velvet Seduction Cookie Cup!


3 large zucchinis

2 peppers

3-4 garlic cloves (shredded or minced)

Garlic powder

3 stalks of sage

½ lemon

Pink Himalayan Salt

Black Pepper

Coconut Oil

Serving size: Dinner for 2!