Sip Happens, Its Okay To Wine

Posted by Michelle Silberman on

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To escape the craziness of University City, our Chief Cookie Officer and Creative Cookie Director set on a journey to Wagonhouse Winery. The owner Heather greeted them with a huge smile on her face. She introduced Amy, who has been with Wagonhouse for years; she’s basically family. With much excitement Amy began rummaging through their kitchen to find fun ingredients to pair with Snackadabra Cookie Cups and Wagonhouse Wines. Below are the irresistible combinations now available in their tasting room. Adults try this at home!  Or instead of WINEing about getting all of the ingredients treat yourself to an afternoon at Wagonhouse Winery for a truly memorable experience!



The Chocolate Chipster 

Silky dark chocolate layer

Fallen Quaker: Sweet red wine with coffee, chocolate & lavender notes

Topped with toasted Marshmallow fluff, crumbled graham crackers, square of dark chocolate



The Chocolate Chipster 

Smooth hot coffee

Topped with classic & chocolate whipped cream, dark chocolate square, spicy cinnamon stick

appsolutley scrumptios.png

FALLing in Love

The Pumpkin Spice Cookie Cup

Vanilla cream cheese frosting layer

Autumn Goddess Wine: apple & pumpkin table wine

Pumpkin whipped cream, sweet caramel drizzle, spicy cinnamon stick

falling in love.png

Applesolutely Scrumptious

The Jack-O’-Lantern Cookie Cup

Silky dark chocolate layer

Peck's Bad Boy: apple & cranberry table wine

Topped with marshmallow fluff, frozen cranberries

goinging coconuts.png

Going Coconuts

The Chocolate Chipster 

Silky dark chocolate layer

Nutty Quaker: sweet red wine with coffee, chocolate &  coconut notes

Topped with whipped cream, toasted coconut flakes


By: Kailin Brooks