Top 4 Ways to Fill a Cookie Cup

Posted by Michelle Silberman on

One of the best parts about serving a ChōcAmo Cookie Cup at an event is deciding what to fill it with! Whether it’s a happy hour, birthday, or girls night in, treat your guests to your favorite Cookie Cup flavor and add one of these four delicious pairings.


Seriously, what’s better than an edible shot glass?! ChōcAmo Cookie Cups are the perfect size to serve shots to your guests over 21. Pour in whiskey, beer, or your favorite cocktail to get the party going and keep your guests talking about this innovative experience. Test out the Baileys Cookie Bomb cocktail on our recipe page.

Ice Cream Sundae

I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for Cookie Cups filled with ice cream! This have-it-your-way experience is a hit with kids and adults. Scoop your favorite ice cream into one of our delicious Cookie Cups and supply your guests with a variety of toppings they can sprinkle on. Once they’re finished with their frozen treat, they get to eat the Cookie Cup; it’s like two desserts at once!

Cookies & Milk

This classic combo is where the idea for the ChōcAmo Cookie Cup originated. Instead of dunking a cookie in milk, pour a splash of milk inside of a Cookie Cup! No matter what type of event you’re having, your guests are sure to sip, bite, and enjoy a modern twist on this traditional snack.

Coffee Break

One of the best ways to start the morning at a networking breakfast or finish off the evening at any event is with a ChōcAmo Cookie Cup filled with coffee or espresso. Paired with the Mocha Dream Cookie Cup, the two are match made in coffee-lover heaven!

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By: Amira Mahmoud