4 Ways to Spice Up the Stars and Stripes

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The grand ole US of A celebrates its birth on independence day this July 4th. Happy 243rd birthday!!! Many American families will fire up the grill and chill out poolside as the fireworks flicker across the sky. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Well, we can help make it even sweeter! Here are 4 ways to spice up your Stars and Stripes this Independence Day.


Red, White, and You

It’s America’s Day and it should be yours too! Go outside and enjoy the sun at a National Park or choose to stay in at the spa. America isn’t the only one that gets to be free today. If you want to channel your inner American History buff, walk through history with some friends and fam at an American-based museum. Philadelphia is not only America’s birthplace but also the Cookie Cup’s! Sport some American brands and a bandana or two. Be proud to be an American and proud to be you too! 


Don’t Let History Fade, Attend A Local Parade

Experience the traditional sites and sounds of history in the streets as you watch marching bands, floats, flags, and fireworks at your local parade. Witness the local talent and unique interpretations of how your town celebrates the 4th. Nothing says July 4th like the main street parade! 


Taste Some Of Our Country’s Treats

Looking for some good eats to take to your backyard barbecue? Add some extra flavor to your typical burgers and hot dogs with our new Savory Cookie Cups. Bake some brisket and chili as an appetizer filling - perfect for a delicious grab and go treat! But make sure to save room for dessert with our Mr. America Cookie Cup!


 Dazzle the Sky With Some DIY

Want to add some extra fire and flare when the fireworks go off? Create your own fireworks with a DIY Firework Confetti Popper. Turn up the heat without any actual fire with some confetti and candy inside. If you really want to be domestic, create your own Firework Decorative Display for your own home!

How do you celebrate freedom? We want to know! What’s your favorite 4th of July tradition, food or activity?





By Robyn Ratzan