5 Reasons Your Valentine Deserves a Cookie Cup

Posted by Michelle Silberman on

There are so many reasons to be thankful for your significant other. From the little things to the big moments, they are always the first one you call for advice and the first one you want to share your stories with. Although you may forget to say “thank you” as often as you should, take this time to think about everything they do for you and treat them to a little something sweet this Valentine's Day! 

1.  They Know Exactly How to Cheer You Up

Whether you had a rough day at work or are just feeling down for no specific reason, they always know exactly what to do or say to make you smile. For all the times they've surprised you with your favorite candy or a bouquet of beautiful flowers, let us help you woo them with a unique, yummy gift this Valentine's Day! 

2. They Give Great Advice 

They always know the right things to do or say. Whether you're calling them at 2 a.m. because you can’t sleep, or you just need their opinion on what to wear for a job interview, they always drop what they're doing to help you!

3. They're Your #1 Fan 

Through good days and bad, they constantly remind you of how proud they are of you.  You may not show them how thankful you are for the constant support, but a cookie cup says it all! 

4.  They've Seen You At Your Worst and Still Love You Unconditionally  

You're grateful to have someone who loves you at both your best and your worst. They've seen you go through some crazy mood swings, but you know that you won't ever give up on each other.

5.  They're Your Other Half 

You're a package deal, like frosting and a cookie cup!  You can do everything or nothing together and still have the greatest time. People like them are hard to find, but you are insanely grateful they are such an integral part of your life. 

By: Juliet Regan