7 Sweet Event Tips and Tricks!

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Summer festivals may be wrapping up, but fear not! Fall festivals are almost upon us. Here at Snackadabra we’re no strangers to  events, trade shows, and festivals. We’ve had the privilege to attend and work at BizBash 2018, The Great Chefs Event, Eat to Empower Food Festival, The Summer Fancy Food Show 2019, and many more. With that being said, we’re going to share our sweetest tips and tricks for attending events, trade shows, festivals that will leave your leads hungry to learn more about you and your company! 


  1. Pack and Prepare Properly 

Congrats - you got accepted to work for a big event, festival, or trade show and you’re super stoked! Now what? The first thing to do after jumping for joy, is to organize yourself and map out all of the logistics. Find out who the main contact is for the event and reach out to them if you have any questions or concerns before the event takes place. Every event is different, so it’s important to make sure you have the proper designated marketing materials, supplies, etc. ready before attending the event. We recommend putting together a checklist beforehand to track what you will be bringing. Come up with a goal or something you want to take away from this particular event experience.

     2. Find Ways to Stand Out


With all of the excitement that comes with attending and preparing for an event, you want to be remembered by the attendees afterwards. Go beyond the typical set up with a tent and table, find a decoration or centerpiece to make your booth stand out. People love interacting with a product since it creates a memorable experience for them. At Snackadabra, we use our classic rose gold ferris wheel to showcase our Cookie Cups in a fun and zany way. Make attendees feel something. If you want more information about ways to stand out at events, check out our Food Magic Podcast episode with Beth Lawrence of Beth Lawrence Meetings and Events. 

      3. Marketing on Social Media is Key!


If your company already has an existing social media presence to advertise its product(s) or service(s), utilizing to market before, after, and during events will help you grow your audience and let people know you will be at the event. Social media plays a huge role in our lives and it can be a very useful resource in the business world. Your followers will learn that you are at the event and may be interested in attending it if you talk about it. Using the story tool on Instagram and Facebook can be a good and quick way for people to experience your company at the event, whether they can attend it or not. You can also interact with attendees by posting pictures of them and tagging their profiles at the events, which can boost your clientele and social media following. 

          4. Know Your Brand


When your booth or table gets crowded, it can be a little overwhelming but that’s a good problem. How you handle the crowd and what information you disseminate is key. Always greet a potential client with a smile. Make sure you acknowledge those who show interest with a smile, nod or brief salutation. It’s okay to finish speaking with one person before engaging another - just make sure the person waiting has been acknowledged.

           5. Present Yourself Well 

Confidence is key! Be confident in what you are saying to others about your product or brand. Make sure you are wearing the appropriate attire for the event and that it respectfully represents your brand. Be engaging and friendly to attendees who approach your booth and want to experience your product or service. Smile and be open to answering any questions that attendees will ask you about your product or service. If you don’t know or have a clear answer to certain questions be honest about it but let them know you can find out for them or connect them to someone on your team who can answer it for you. Always be kind!

          6. Network with Attending Companies and Vendors

Get to know your fellow vendors at the various events you work. There may be a collaboration opportunity available with another vendor or a potential customer. Be friendly and open-minded when talking to them. If applicable, take notes about what their company does and see if they could be a good fit for your product or service. Making connections and gathering contact information to build your CRM is half the battle.

        7. Follow Up with Leads 

Make sure to follow up with any leads you gathered at the event. We recommend waiting 4-5 business days after the event to reach out via email, phone, etc. It is also a good idea to send out a thank you email to event organizers. Writing or calling to say thank you to organizers allows you to be on their radar for future events. Keep in mind that statistically it takes at least 14 or more touch points to reach someone for a sale, so if you met someone who was interested in your product or service at an event and they don’t respond right away, keep reaching out to them. Persistence and perseverance pay off. 


Do you have any upcoming events or tips you’d like to share? Tag us on social media @Snackadabra and tell us about your event tips and tricks! 

By Robyn Ratzan