Acai Cookie Cup Combos

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You may have heard of the very trendy acai bowl that's been blowing up on your social media feed. We've decided to join in on the buzz and downscale it to fit into one of our delicious Cookie Cups! We’re going to showcase various Cookie Cup x acai bowl combinations to satisfy your sweet tooth and health cravings in one snack!

First, for an acai bowl you need to start with crafting the base. We recommend purchasing a pre-made, frozen mix that can be found at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or other grocery store chains. If you insist on making your own, the only ingredients you will need are: acai paste, frozen banana, and your choice of milk. Check out This recipe from Bakerita will give the whole run down to start your acai filling for your Cookie Cup creations!

Now that you have the acai, the bowls can be constructed!

  1. Tropical Island Paradise

The Tropical Island Acai Cookie Cup starts with the very fitting Mango Tango Cup. That is filed with the acai filling. The cup is completed with toppings of fresh mango and passionfruit to give a classic island taste. The final topping is toasted coconut to tie in all of the sweet flavors! 

  1. Berry Chocolaty 


This decadent Acai Cookie Cup uses the new Chocolate Therapy Cup. The next step is to fill the cup with acai filling. This cup is topped with cacao nibs for texture and sweetness while still providing nutrients. Goji berries for some additional vitamins and minerals, fresh raspberries, and a (optional) chocolate drizzle to really tie the cup together.

   3. Spectacular Superfoods 

The Lime Fiesta Cup can be used to start the superfoods cup, since limes are a good source of both magnesium and potassium. The next step is to add the acai filling, top with chia seeds to add fiber, antioxidants, and protein. Using Matcha powder helps increase energy throughout the day. The final topping of this cup is blueberries which are well known for packing antioxidants, and a beautiful color. 

   4. Go Nuts!


This Acai Cookie Cup uses our flagship product, the Chocolate Chipster. To make the whole bowl nuttier in general try blending the acai filling with almond butter, or your nut butter of choice! That is topped with pistachios to provide nutrients, peanuts, and an optional Add a Nutella drizzle for an extra touch of nutty sweetness. 


Hopefully we’ve inspired you to try the absolutely delicious combination of acai bowls and Cookie Cups. It is very easy to balance a dessert with healthier alternatives and takes some of the guilt out! What would you put in your acai Cookie Cup? Let us know by tagging us on social media @snackadabra_


By Anna Noblitt