How to Sweeten Your End of Summer Bash

Posted by Michelle Silberman on

The sad truth to every summer is that they all come to an end. There’s only one way to wrap up a summer full of tan lines, relaxation, and many more memories… an end of summer party! The back to school ads that storm TVs, radio, and social media can wait - we’ve got a party to plan.

End of summer parties are full of fun activities like waterslides, water guns, pools or manhunt, but what’s the best part about a party? The food! Whether you decide to have a BBQ, catered Chipotle or a pizza party, there’s only one way to have the perfect close to an evening- cookie cups! Cookie Cups are an easy, yummy element to add to your party. Here are a few ways to incorporate them.


  1. Milk Shot: With the variety of flavors that Cookie Cups come in, why not have a refreshing selection of milk for your guests? Regular milk in the Chocolate Chipster for a classic feel, chocolate milk in the Frosted cup, regular milk in Birthday Cake Cup, strawberry milk in Midnight Diamond - the possibilities are endless!


  1. Ice Cream Shocker: Cookies and ice cream combo is always a good idea. With all the combinations of ice creams and Cookie Cups, it’s nice to add a little spark to it. Present this delicious combo to your guests with sparklers in them. Serve the prepared Cookie Cups using a tray and distribute an appropriate amount of sparklers throughout the Cups. Light up the night (safely!) with your eye-catching dessert!


  1. All About the Filler: Obviously ice cream and milk are great go-tos for Cookie Cups, but what about all that other great stuff that can go in there? Different fruits like strawberries or blueberries could be a healthier option for guests who still want to enjoy the dessert, but maybe not feel so guilty about it. If the night is going to be on the cooler side, try having a campfire with some marshmallows and sticking the roasted marshmallow in a Cookie Cup! Top it off with chocolate of choice. Or fill them up with hot cocoa or coffee to keep everyone warm.

  2. Shake it up: Instead of serving just plain ice cream in the cups, serve a selection of milkshakes to put in a cup of choice. Add the finishing touches by topping them off with cute, decorative straws!

  3. DIY Station: People love to customize their food with exactly what they like. Serving the Cookie Cups buffet style is fun, and saves you time while preparing for the party. Place spoons, different ice cream flavors, candy, toppings, and drinks for people to add as they please!


End of summer parties can be bittersweet because it means summer is over; however, incorporating Cookie Cups into your party will make summer coming to an end a little sweeter.