Introducing the Smart Cookie Program

Posted by Michelle Silberman on

While growing up and going to school, there can be that one class assignment or lesson that resonates with you for the rest of your life. That science fair project, book report, or speech presentation might seem like a minor endeavor at the time to temporarily raise your grades, but for some it’s so much more. Our Chief Cookie Officer, Michelle Silberman transformed a simple idea used for a 7th grade public speaking class project into the innovative food company you know today as Snackadabra: Home of the Cookie Cup. 


Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Michelle has learned many valuable lessons in business and in life. With our Smart Cookie program, she hopes to inspire students to chase their passions and spread their creative ideas in a meaningful way. It can take a lot of  time, planning, research, and most importantly the right attitude to start a business of your own and run it successfully. By inviting Michelle into your school or organization to participate in our workshops, students will feel motivated and excited to begin their own entrepreneurial journeys. 

Smart Cookie Program in Action

Our Smart Cookie Program is divided into three different workshops: “Shift your Mindset”, “Dessert & Dreams”, and “Entrepreneurship 101.” Each of these workshops provide valuable information, ideas, and advice about becoming an entrepreneur in today’s fast-paced, innovative society.

If you want to channel your inner student of life and would like your school or child’s school to participate in the Smart Cookie Program, contact to book your workshop. What’s an idea, project, or lesson you thought of or learned in school that you still look back on today? Tag us with your answer on social media @Snackadabra.

By Robyn Ratzan