The Best Cookie Cup for your Zodiac Sign

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As Mercury completes one of its many retrogrades at the end of this month, it’s good to learn about how we communicate and behave in certain situations. At Snackadabra we are fascinated with the cosmic causes behind our actions. With that said, we’re combining two things we enjoy: analyzing our zodiac signs and Cookie Cups! Read on to learn your associated zodiac is in the form of a Cookie Cup. 

Aries- Chocolate Chipster

What better way to start off the zodiac than with our flagship Cookie Cup? This cup has set the pace for what our brand has evolved to be. It takes a lot of ambition to start a business, but that’s no problem for Aries. It is also a funny coincidence that our Chief Cookie Officer is an Aries, too!


Taurus- 24k Rose Gold

There’s no problem with treating yourself, Taurus! You probably already know that though. You’re someone who will work hard for the luxurious life, but also be willing to share with the ones you love the most. This cup will appeal to you for both the delicate aesthetic of the soft pink frosting along with the boujie-esque golden flakes.


Gemini-Espresso Yourself Dessert Shooter

Dessert Shooters are the best way to describe Gemini because they’re two desserts in one, showing duality. Can’t decide if you want cookies or cake? Neither can Gemini’s! The espresso in this dessert will leave Gemini’s even more chatty than usual.


 Cancer- Birthday Cake

In honor of this blog post being posted in Cancer season, this cup is dedicated to the crabs of the zodiac. Cancers are very cautious and protective, and incredibly sweet. As the maternal sign of the zodiac, most cancers are pulled to care a lot about their friends and loved one’s special occasions.


Leo- Red Velvet

Nothing better to match a new classic like Red Velvet to Leo. Both bold and classy, this cup matches the royalty of the zodiac perfectly. Like Leo’s, this cup photographs exceptionally well and is sure to catch some looks. This cup also showcases Leo’s fiery and bright side. 


Virgo- Mocha Dream

Virgo’s are notorious for being hard workers so what better cup to fuel them than the espresso lined Mocha Dream? This cup will keep Virgo’s energized on both caffeine and sugar during a spontaneous organization frenzy. This cup is featured in Snackadabra’s tasty trio which is a display of our most popular flavors, so it’s no surprise that Virgo fits into this compatibility. Virgo’s are incredibly helpful and essential to day-to-day activities, just like coffee.


Libra- La La Lavender

Libra’s are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, so it’s only fitting to have one of the most aesthetically pleasing cups linked to this sign. The delicate light purple of the cup corresponds with the docile nature Libra represents. Lavender is known as a calming herb, which translates to the experience of being friends with Libra’s, who naturally aim to please people.


Scorpio- Chocolate Therapy

The Chocolate Therapy cups align with the darker, mysterious energy that Scorpios exude. Chocolate is known to alleviate moodiness; which Scorpio’s could always use some help with. There is also a very seductive side to both Scorpio’s and Chocolate. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac and Scorpios are commonly linked with passion and intimacy.


Sagittarius- Lime Fiesta

A two pack of these would fit perfect in the suitcase on your next tropical getaway, Sagittarius! The bright citrus flavor of these cups matches the natural optimism Sagittarius' exhibit. These cups pair incredibly with a margarita, pina colada, or just a straight shot of tequila! Rumor has it that Sagittarius is no stranger to the bottle, but that’s what makes them the life of the party!


Capricorn- Pot of Gold

The most commonly known stereotype associated with Capricorn is that they love money. Is it still a stereotype if it’s true? So of course, the best cup for Capricorn’s are the Pot of Gold. But like leprechauns, Capricorns are willing to put in the hard work and make treacherous journey to get to their end goal.


Aquarius - Everything Bagel

This cup is definitely different than all of the other cups on this list, and that is the most fitting for Aquarius. Aquarians are proud to be different than the common people and thrive on being unique. This cup is also innovative and is able to fit with a much larger group of food, which appeals to Aquarians humanitarian values.


Pisces - Unicorn Pride

Since Pisces is at the end of the zodiac, they take on a little bit of traits from all of the previous signs making them people with a myriad of knowledge and able to relate to a lot of people. This trait can be symbolized with the rainbow made of many colors becoming whole. Pisces are day dreamers and spend their days in mystic worlds where maybe unicorns do exist. 


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By Anna Noblitt