Why We LOVE Cookie Cups

Posted by Michelle Silberman on

The month of February is a constant celebration of love! We see love everywhere: from friends gifting presents to one another, to couples making grand gestures of love. All this love makes us think of our Cookie Cups and the reasons why we LOVE them!

Written By: Orly Margulis

The variety of flavors and combinations

We LOVE how there are so many Cookie Cup flavors and endless combinations to add into them. You can be as creative as you want or check our recipe section for inspiration for what to put in your Cookie Cups. When we say the possibilities are countless, we really mean it!

Perfect snack for events

We LOVE how Cookie Cups are different, yet nostalgic. Cookie Cups are unique enough that you most likely have not seen them at other events; but on the other hand, there is still the classic cookies and milk aspect that takes people back to their childhoods. They will make any event stand out, while keeping it classic!

Easy to carry

We LOVE how these Cookie Cups are easy to carry and mess free! You can carry while walking, standing or sitting without the need of a plate or an extra cup. All you need to do is sip, and then bite into the Cookie Cup for a snack.

Perfect way of satisfying the sweet tooth

We LOVE how sweet our Cookie Cups are without being too overwhelming. They are the perfect way to satisfy sweets cravings without overeating or going over your set calorie intake!

Make the perfect gift

We LOVE how Cookie Cups make the perfect gift, no matter who the recipient. They are unique, come in a cute packaging, and can be shipped anywhere in the country!

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