Your Smart Cookie Guide to Hosting a Super Bowl Viewing Party

Posted by Michelle Silberman on

Written By: Orly Margulis

You don’t need to be a football fan to enjoy the Super Bowl, much less to enjoy a Super Bowl viewing party. But let’s face it, the whole Philadelphia area will be watching because our love for the Eagles is un-dividable. Here’s your guide to hosting the best Super Bowl viewing party!

Order food to be picked up ahead of time:

We all want to munch on our favorite pizza, wings or hoagies while watching the Super Bowl, but ordering takeout can be complicated, especially when everyone is ordering food at the same time. Order ahead of time, and place the order to be ready at least 30 minutes before the game starts to allow a window time in case the restaurant is running late.

Cook football-themed food:

If ordering takeout is not in your plans, make sure to look for cool football-themed recipes on Pinterest to impress your guests. We love classic football eats like cheese dip and pretzels, but are partial to decorating Cookie Cups to look like a football!

Bring Cookie Cups:

A good football viewing party is nothing without some sweets treats after indulging on wings, pizza, and beer! What better option than Cookie Cups? You can prepare cocktails to drink in your Cookie Cups, go for a classic beer or just enjoy them sans filling!

Rock your Eagles gear:

It’s time to wear green from head to toes!  Support the birds by wearing its colors, decorating the house and food table with Eagles’ stickers, football plates, and green tablecloths!

Make sure the channels are working:

This sounds obvious, but it would be horrific if you tried to watch ESPN, but it is not broadcasting! Make sure all the channels that show the Super Bowl are working or that your streaming service is up-to-date to avoid last minute complications.

And lastly, remember to have fun! It is the first time the Eagles go to the Super Bowl in 14 years, so it is our moment to fly!